Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Funky and Chic Laptop Bags and Sleeves

Sumo Women's Laptop Purse by Mobile Edge

womens laptop bag

This is Sumo Women's Laptop Purse, a laptop bag for woman. This is suitable for bringing laptop in holiday, or active moment such as while working.

The Lady Lindy Laptop Tote from Bobarra

womens laptop bag

For chic and active woman, this Lady Lindy Laptop Tote from Bobarra is the best choice. You can bring it to carry your laptop to your office, or meet clients.

Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Edge, the first ThinkPad with AMD Dual Core

Lenovo introduces new ThinkPad laptop series called 'ThinkPad Edge'. There are three models released, ie size 13, 14 and 15-inch is intended for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Especially for the model 13-inch size is the first ThinkPad laptop that offers technology dual core AMD processor and AMD offered at Pro Vision Technology.

In addition to performance, the new line of portable computers are designed by considering the claimed style. As a contemporary model of the keyboard, a larger touchpad, and colorful palette.

"The SME customers tell us they want a PC-PC with a solid design but professional and has a durability and reliability without compromise with the latest technologies-technologies that match their budget," said Lumy Sandy, Country Manager, Commercial Business, Lenovo Indonesia .

"Our answer is the family the latest Edge ThinkPad laptops. This product family presents an amazing technology and a strong performance at a price never imagined before," he said, in a written statement received detikINET, Monday (4/1/2010).

Contemporary keyboard on this laptop remove embedded number pad system requests are rarely used. Function buttons have also been redesigned so users need only use one finger to access the multimedia functions and other functions.

Especially for ThinkPad Edge version 14 and 15 inches will be present with lighted keyboard for easy viewing in low lighting conditions in addition to adding a touch of elegance on the keyboard.

From the offal, the choice fell on dual-core AMD Turion and Athlon Neo or Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage and standard dual core processors. While from the side of wireless connectivity, the laptop battery capable of 8 hours is also ready to offer WiMax, but it is still optional.

This laptop won Gold rating from the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) and meets Energy Star 5.0 standards. Edge does not contain the foam and use a lot of material obtained from 100% recycled materials such as thermoplastic, sugar cane or sorghum

Lenovo Produces Low Price Computer for Small Business

So far, the principals of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) usually use a PC manifold assembly to support their productivity. Some of them are considered PC assembly is much cheaper than a branded PC.

As if to dismiss this case, Lenovo has launched a new desktop PC powered and inexpensive named ThinkCentre A63.

"Lenovo understands that SMEs using the PC as the backbone of their business," said Sandy Lumy, Country Manager of Commercial Business Lenovo Indonesia, in a written statement received ITGazine, Monday (18/1/2010).

He also explained that the latest A63 ThinkCentre desktop has a slogan of the three 'P': power (energy), peace of mind (calmness) and price (the price). Three 'P' will also help SMEs to stay connected, productive, and safe without the need for large investments in technical knowledge.

Viewed from the specifications, ThinkCentre A63 belong to desktop fairly high in its class. Users can choose AMD Sempron processor, AMD Athlon II, and AMD Phenom, with prices starting at U.S. $ 550.

The following are the features A63, which would be suitable for SMEs:

Lenovo Hard Disk Drive Retention

If the hard disk that is used flawed A63 but consumers have had time to store data in it, Lenovo ensures hard drives are disabled can still owned by the consumer even has been replaced with a new one through warranty.

Lenovo Enhanced Experience for Windows 7

ThinkCentre A63 with Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience has an average boot-up time 57% faster than the PC-PC running Windows XP or Vista.

ThinkPlus Priority Support services
Priority Support has a 24-hour service, for technical support and hardware problems on Lenovo and innate applications.

Kamis, 12 Maret 2009

Raztel Tracker T100 Review

Entering the beginning of 2010, PT Raztel Solusindo Telematics launches T100 tracker Raztel position mini-sized and free subscription first claimed in Indonesia.

Tracer position (GPS tracking) can be used to track the position of assets using the GPS satellite and GSM networks. Where the asset owners can monitor the position through a computer and web-based phone / internet.

Raztel T100 has been designed specifically with the smaller size (mini) so it is easy to install and hide. This product has also been bundled with GSM card and all the settings have been done before, so stay in use.

For services not subject to any subscription fees that are not onerous and more economical. In general, the position tracking device is relatively large size, installation and relatively difficult settings, and the owner of the assets are charged a monthly subscription for the service.

This tool can be used in cars and motorcycles and personal (children and women). With this product, asset owners can find out the position without the need to contact, know the position accurately, and know where the theft occurred during / kidnapping.

Features Raztel owned by T100 in between, a report in the format of SMS / GPRS, when asked to monitor the position, set the reporting period as you wish, there is an emergency button (SOS) when needed, and hear the sounds around assets without being noticed.

In addition, the written information received detikINET, Tuesday (12/1/2010), to feature the service is monitored by an asset or a group, a report based on the time graphic or chart form, and arrangement of assets and user data.

Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

BenQ Joybook S35 Review

BenQ's working harder portable computer market in Indonesia. Through these three new products offer a variety of features BenQ one is superior, battery life up to 11 hours nonstop.

The product is called BenQ Joybook S35. Notebook is powered by an Intel ultra low voltage (ULV) is indeed designed for users who want a high mobility, so do not be surprised if BenQ pinning large capacity of the battery cell 8. With a capacity tesebut, BenQ claims that its product was able to operate for 11 hours with normal use.

Besides Joybook S35, at the same time, BenQ has also launched two other products that also promote the concept of energy saving and high mobility, the BenQ Joybook S34 and Joybook Lite U122 Eco.

Judging from the look in terms of BenQ Joybook S35 and Joybook S34 is not much different look. The fundamental difference is only in the specification offered. BenQ Joybook S34 uses a graphics card that is more powerful ATI Radeon HD4330M, while Joybook S35 uses the Intel graphics card GMA4500M.

Unlike the Joybook S35 or S34 Joybook, BenQ Joybook Lite U122 Eco is a notebook without Intel's Atom in it. BenQ prefers to use Intel Celeron M743 processor as the 'brains' in Eco's Joybook Lite U122.

The selection processor is not without reason. BenQ rate that Intel Celeron M743 processor to perform far better than Intel's Atom has been a widely adopted netbook on the market. Then what price dibanderol by Taiwanese computer vendor is?

Membanderol BenQ Joybook S35 and Joybook Lite U122 Eco with USD price range
600, while the version of the most powerful notebook Joybook S34 the price range set at EUR 800.

Minggu, 18 Januari 2009

Lenovo Ideacentre B500 Review

Maybe we never think to have a desktop PC all-in-one that sailed relief with wireless connectivity to the keyboard, mouse and remote control. As a result we can relax in the living room, while interacting with your PC wirelessly with family members.

When we are tired of browsing the Internet, our lives are changing desktop functionality to watch television together family. When bored watching TV, live over again enable the desktop, a device with a remote control games like Nintendo Wii. As a result of time relaxing with family becomes more exciting.

The above is not just imagination. The problem now Lenovo has released an all-in-one desktop named Ideacentre new B500. 23-inch desktop size allows users to interact with a PC, watching TV and playing games like Nintendo Wii, complete function.

First Impression of This Mixture Desktop Computer

When first opened the box Lenovo is the latest desktop, look for the logo directly detikINET embedded processors in the body B500. Unlike his elder brother based on the Intel Atom C300, it has been bearing the desktop Core 2 Duo logo in it. Not kidding, the article he dared to immerse E7500 series desktop in its class sizes, compared to several similar versions.

Pleased to see the logo processors, now turn to the graphical issues brought B500. Looks like this desktop will feel its power, because the processors on the GeForce combined with the GT-240M 1GB. Not only that this desktop also features 4GB RAM DRR3. Curiosity also makes detikINET eager to try out, like what the power of this B500.

Viewed from this desktop display seems a bit futuristic, with jet-black color dressing with orange lines, and slicked with a metal-brush in some parts like the bottom of the monitor and keyboard. Body form was enough to save the place. Not too fat, but also not too thin. It felt very 'independent' and pretty sight. Moreover, coupled with the design of white LED light that flashes on the bottom of the display.

Talking about the 'independent' desktop control of all outputs is also connected wirelessly with a Bluetooth connection. There are 3 elements of the keyboard (AA batteries), Mouse (AA batteries) and a remote control (AAA batteries). As a result the user can relax a little, when placing this desktop in the living room in the corner of the room, while you operate it from a distance.

Futuristic Design

If observed carefully the B500 display was designed to attract. Like in the back of the body that has a sort of prism contour (as in Nokia Prism) and metal-brush that enhance the 'metal' is attached to the body.

On the right side of the B500 have designed the power button is futuristic, and DVD drives installed on the bottom. While on the left there are 2 USB ports, audio jacks, and card reader.

In the back of the desktop there are 4 USB ports fruit, connector AV / in, PS2, LAN, and TV-Tunner. Unfortunately could not find an HDMI port around it. To the top of the front, as in general there is a built in mic and camera. While in the lower right corner of the front row of the LED indicator lights to adjust the volume, the sharpness of the monitor and reset the wireless panel design complements the beauty of B500.

If upheld, this minimum buffer B500 can stand about 15 degrees to 35 degrees for maximum angle size. Based on the test detikINET, Lenovo is already thinking about the best position to view the screen from those angles, so no user exhausting.

To design the keyboard, wrapped his metal-brush look increasingly reinforce the impression of a futuristic desktop. When used to type the keyboard is very soft on the fingers, even for a relatively large fingers. Mouse that has a black color orange for gloosy plus scroolnya also looks interesting.

Multifuctionally Remote Control

One of the advantages of all-in-one desktop is multifungsinya remote control. In the middle of a remote windows have a green icon, which is a shortcut to access the Windows media center. Besides this remote can also function as a mouse by pressing a mouse icon image. Quite interesting is not it?

Not only is this multi-function remote control which is the only means to play games a la Nintendo Wii. Lenovo itself has been working with a developer named 3DiJoy in making fun games such as snowball, ping pong, tennis, or bowling in the B500 package. Although the motion control is not as responsive's Wii, but it is enough if you want to have fun killing boredom with these tools. Unfortunately the B500 package, Lenovo only 1 pc remote equip it. Whereas the average can be played game for 2 people.

Lenovo itself suggests this remote operating range is 1-3 meters. As for the recommended angle is 30 degrees from the center of the monitor.

Performance of Audio and Video

The first performance test conducted detikINET is produced audio quality through the speakers JBL logo on the desktop body. DetikINET menjajalnya with a loop on the composition fruityloop applications. The result came out of the speakers was established to measure the level desktop. Bass or treble all come out. But unfortunately for some reason the speaker was not able to set a fast but has a maximum volume setting (voice impressed not get out, but felt the bass and treble). DetikINET himself suggested that more leverage this JBL setting should use external speakers, so the sound could be more digeber fast.

We used to play full quality HD video, desktop all-in-one is looking not see any problems. Maybe it's because the 240M GT GeForce graphics that help performance of the CPU encoding. For the game problem, Ideacentre B500 would be enough if the game runs smoothly for classmates Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 or Dragon Age: Origins.


For Lenovo desktop fan, desktop Ideacentre B500 is suitable to have as an opening this year. Especially with the specifications competent in it. One of the fundamental question might be, why was not that good desktop features a touch screen, which now began ngetren. And this can increase the appeal of this product.

For example, when compared to similar products that Acer's Z5610, which has brought a touch screen. However, if viewed from the initial price is 'just' EUR 899 or about Rp. 8.3 million it made perfect sense. Moreover B500 carrying high performance labih of Z5610, which has a more expensive price.

Well now there is the personal choice of each. Would you 'woo' desktop 'hodgepodge' of this multi-function with all the pros and cons?


Multifunction Remote Control
+ Keyboard, Mouse, Wireless Remote
+ Games Wireless


- The voice could not be fast
- No touch screen and HDMI port
- Remote control only 1 buahD Dual Core

Jumat, 18 Januari 2008

HP Envy13 Review

Envy may be one of the products of Hewlett-Packard (HP), which was launched to fill their vacancies on the segment's top notebook market. With a very premium price, what is offered by Envy?

Elegant nan Display

Envy13 performed with a combination of color and metal base materials used in the surface of this notebook. The result, Envy looked so solid, thin and elegant on the outside.

Extraordinary appearance was not only reflected on the outer side of this notebook. On the inside of HP touch texture that looks pretty neat and attractive.

The inside also looks simple because Envy only has the power button, on the outside row of the keyboard keys are available, so the impression of more elegant minimalist shine in this notebook.

Apart from the design is quite good, Envy13 also very comfortable when used. DetikINET try to do some of the applications used daily, such as text editors, imaging applications to high-quality film.

The result, all the keys feel so comfortable. Soft, no sound, and its placement is very convenient to be able to minimize typing errors.

Envy13 screen display is quite good even with the picture quality was clear and sharp. However, the screen can not avoid the reflection from light sources in the room, the reflected lights burning in the back was visible on the user's screen.

Screen size was spelled out very thin. Unfortunately, the beauty of this screen a little disturbed because the frame around the screen that 'takes place' is quite big.

Overall, the look, design and use of the Envy13 flavor, reminiscent besutan detikINET on Apple notebooks, MacBook pro.

This is reflected in almost every corner of Envy13, except on the side of the circulation of air. Not like Envy, MacBook Pro does not have heat dissipation holes on the bottom.

Powerful Offal

If the outer packaging so as to appear attractive, HP also designed the 'kitchen runway' Envy 13 with specifications:

* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile L9600
* Memory: 3GB
* Graphics Card: Intel GMA45 / ATI Radeon HD4330 (switchable)
* Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium
* Hardisk: 250GB

With these specifications, the notebook is certainly adequate to run a variety of mild to medium applications. But how to heavyweight applications such as gaming?

Well, for those needs, there are other features of particular interest from Envy. This feature is the availability of switchable graphics cards can be exchanged alias. Meaning what? This means that in the real Envy offal, there are two graphics cards to choose according to your needs.

For applications that require more kenerja - such as imaging applications, gaming, or watching High-Definition video - users can switch on the card a more powerful graphics (ATI Radeon HD4330) with just one click.

Likewise also when users only use such a light application of Microsoft Office. Graphics card lower (Intel GMA45) can also be selected in order to reduce energy consumption used.

Envy13, also has a special application that allows users to quickly surf the Internet or listen to music without going through the Windows first. This is of course shorten the time of use.

Talk about energy consumption, has given Envy13 adequate battery. DetikINET test this notebook to do if the text document data and image, with the condition of the Internet connected through Wi-Fi. The result? Envy13 able to survive for 6 hours of nonstop use.

If you saw the performance on offer, of course, can be a friend Envy13 adequate way. Whether it's to do the job or just a quiet killer entertainment devices.

However, please note that Envy13 not equipped with an optical drive internal to the media. If the user wants to enjoy movies from DVD or piece of Blu-Ray to bring an external Blu-ray included in the sales package of this product.

In addition to optical drives, Envy also has a separate LAN port, so users must use a USB Ethernet adapter, which also comes in in this product. Quite troublesome indeed.

Only a marsupial For Bold

Both of the designs or specifications of the display has to offer, HP obvious target only portable computer users who marsupial thick through this product.

This is further clarified with the after sales service is pampering its users. HP offers a pickup service for the Envy notebook users.

No wonder if in the end HP membandrol Envy13 with a very expensive price, which ranges from EUR 2.666 or less than USD 26 million.

With the price of it, of course, would be difficult for HP to compete with several other competitors. Call it the MacBook Pro, with specifications that may be compared to Apple's bold membandrol lower prices than the Envy.


+ Design of Interest
+ Battery durable
+ Performance is
+ After sales service better

- Expensive
- No internal optical media
- A separate LAN port